Monday, June 20, 2016

Ton of Respect Points from the Local Hoodrats (Week #67)

Things here are awesome! 

In our zone we have 8 companionships total. They're all awesome missionaries. We interact with them fairly often. Especially with the District leaders. Our job is to make sure the DLs are doing their jobs so everyone else can do theirs. It's an alright gig.

We're teaching an older guy named R. He came to church yesterday! He's a good dude. And he loved church!

We have a car but we walk a bunch around our area. Lots of people are outside here.

It's pretty weird to make zone goals. We have to make sure everyone's behind it. If there's any doubts we won't reach it.

Zone conference was awesome. President Maluenda talked a lot about how the mission applies to life after it. All the choices we make here are the choices we'll make later. He talked alot about future wives and husbands and stuff...Freaky....

What has been your biggest challenge this week?
Biggest challenge has been figuring out how to inspire people to do better haha that's pretty much our job and I'm still figuring it out...

What has been your biggest concern?
Getting people to church. We worked suuuper hard this week and it paid off.

What has been your biggest success?
We worked in a trio with one of the APs for like 4 days and we prossballed these kids in the projects on an 8 foot hoop and just absolutely wrecked them...dunking and stuff. And then we were walking by a park like 4 hours after and they started talking trash and challenging us and stuff (in good humor. Not meanly or anything) and so we played 8 on 3 with them on a 10 foot hoop and wrecked them again. haha We found 8 investigators out of it and got a ton of respect points from the local hoodrats too.

Who has been your favorite person this week? Why?
Sister E. She's awesome! She has a super strong testimony and loves the missionaries. She'd do anything for us. We go eat at her house twice a week and take her son to lessons with us. They're super cool.

What has been your most significant tender mercy?
We got to know a lot of the members who gave us their friends to work with. So we have somewhere to start with now. haha

Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week?
I've been rereading the BOM in Spanish. And I'm noticing a lot of the mistakes Laman and Lemuel made. In 1 Nephi 15 (i think), Nephi talks about asking with faith and following commandments. All they had to do
was ask in faith and they'd have the same testimony Nephi did but they never took the time to do it. Really dumb.

Love you guys!
Elder Hess

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