Sunday, March 6, 2016

I've Decided to Procrastinate Procrastinating (Week #48)

Yep I'm still in Laredo with Elder Pierce. I think it's a good opportunity to learn to be a great example not just a good one. Life is good right now. No problems.

We were teaching a lot. They decided to have the missionaries only cover one branch each now. So we lost all our investigators and gave them to the zone leaders to teach. It should make things simpler though because now we can focus on our English branch more and what they need. Luckily E decided to go to YSA so we can keep teaching her.

I've decided to procrastinate procrastinating.

What has been your biggest challenge this week?Shifting all of our investigators and potentials to other missionaries. We had some people that were pretty good but were in Spanish...

What has been your biggest concern?Making sure E comes to church. We went by everyday to make sure she came.

What has been your biggest success?She came to church and finally settled on a date! She prayed about it with us and said she wants to be baptized the 14th!!! And then she came to church!

Who has been your favorite person this week? Why?Elder A. He's the most ridiculously goofy dude in the world. He's a really good example of a great attitude all the time.

What has been your most significant tender mercy?There's a YSA member who's planning on going on a mission soon and she's become great friends with E. She's helping her a ton. Inviting her to every activity and institute and stuff.

What are you looking forward to this coming week?We're going to be practicing a missionary choir thing for a conference on Thursday. Apparently they're going to have a bunch of missionary musical numbers for the district. It'll be really fun and hopefully won't sound awful.

Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it.Find 4 more English investigators and have them in church. English is tough to work in...but it's doable!

Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week?I was asked to give a talk 20 minutes before sacrament meeting and so I shared something about prayer and faith and preparation. I shared the story of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego (how the flip do you spell those?!) and how they had to have been prepared for that event spiritually in order to survive the fiery furnace. Idk I though it was cool.

Hope y'all have a great week!
Love you guys!
Elder Hess

Found some stuff made by Grandpa in Walmart.
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....and I saw my Dream car!

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