Saturday, March 21, 2015

Success (MTC Week #3)

I'll have to start explaining just what Elder Hess is saying in his emails because they're mostly in response to the email I've sent him. Here goes….

This week was really good. Taught some good lessons. I don't bless the sacrament or any of those things (We had heard that this is one of the Zone Leader's responsibilities in the MTC, so we asked him. I guess it's not). I just basically make sure the districts are getting along and I pass along concerns to the branch pres. Spanish is comin along good. 

Success depends on where you're looking. I think we're successful everyday. (I told him that we pray for his success every day. I asked him if he felt that he was being successful. This is a good answer, don'cha think?) It's like the Spirit here. You feel it all the time but sometimes you feel it stronger than others. 

Letters take forever to get here. I don't think there's much else to do...I'm kept pretty busy with replying to emails. If they want to email me first I'll respond but I don't know. (I don't have a clue what this is in response to.)

Boxes of love are great. Honestly one Elder got his only letter today. I think he could use some love. We all could honestly. (I asked if there are other missionaries that might need some things in a package.)

Good job on the garage! I love the pictures! Good job Aedan! (Each week, I send him the "pictures of the week." This is how I come up with material to write about--I caption all of the photos)

Let's be honest mom.. I didn't do anything with my braces…(I asked for advice on my new braces. Well…if nothing else, he's honest.)  Tidwell's doing great. Browning and her comp, are probably the best all around out of all of us. 

Both blankets would be sweet. (Preparing what to send to the mission….They've asked that the missionaries' bedding--pillow, blankets, sheets, etc. arrive ten days before the missionaries get to the mission. He has a blanket he received for Christmas that is WAY too heavy for Texas, but he wants it anyway, I guess).
The only real challenge is fighting the boredom of the same day all the time. (Sitting in a classroom at a desk for hours a day for six weeks does get a bit stale, but it's all good. Most missionaries leave the MTC with a basic grasp of the language their learning, so I guess it's all worth it). But things are going good.

Elder Hess

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