Saturday, March 14, 2015

Zone Leader (MTC Week #2)

So I'm zone leader now which basically means I lead the new district on a tour on Wednesday. Our other district left this morning which was tough. My Elders are Elder A. (my comp from American Fork), Elder P. (Salem Utah), Elder An. (Utah) and H. (Idaho). Everyone but Elder P. and Tristin are going to McAllen. The Sisters are T. (Idaho to McAllen), W. (Utah to Atlanta), Browning (Washington to Virginia) and M (Utah to Arkansas). Thanks so much for the package I got it today! I haven't got any letters or anything since you guys dear eldered last... the food is very iffy. Nothing is as good as home food...wish Dad happy birthday for me! 

I love L's shoes! They're ridiculous. I hope Y. will take more lessons. My favorite person has been Tidwell again. He keeps everyone laughing and from getting stressed. My teachers are Rowley and Meek and Clark. Clark pretended to be an investigator for the first week so we just barely started with him. But they're all really spiritual and helpful. We do TRC twice a week which is like teaching an actual investigator. Our investigator, Gabriel, is known as the hardest one to teach... Our first lesson was awful. We didn't understand a word he said and it was super uncomfortable. We prayed super hard all day for the next lesson and it was so good! We taught the word of wisdom and he told us a great story about how when he was 11 he started smoking and stopped when he was 17 and kept out of peer pressure from his friends. It was amazing. The spirit helps out so much. I feel like my mission has already changed me. Before, there would be no way I to teach a whole spanish lesson. But 2 weeks in and I'm already doing it. It's amazing.

Love you guys,
Elder Hess

P.S. Will you send some shorts, shirts and jeans too...My civvies get dirty quick

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