Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Monday is P-Day (MTC Week #1)

You know when you're waiting for something and then you stop waiting because you think it's not going to happen, and that's exactly when it DOES happen? Well, that was yesterday….

I'd been out running around most of the day. Knowing that temples are closed on Mondays, I was almost positive that Gannon's P-Day wouldn't be on Monday because that's one thing missionaries in the MTC do on P-Days--go to the temple. If it's closed, no P-day, right?….Wrong!

I signed on at about 5:00pm, and sure enough…there was his email. Not just an email, but pictures to boot! NO WAY! This is my son?

I gave him a camera for Christmas. It stayed in the box until…well…actually, I'm not sure when it came out of the box, but it must have at some point within the last week. YAY!

There are some crazy things that I've learned. I'm starting to wonder if that's what this young man's mission is going to be all about--crazy things. So far everything I've written about this experience has had some interesting coincidence tied to it….Today's is no different.

Well, I'll let him tell you part of it, and I'll fill in the blanks (maybe in another post)…..

Oh, one other preface….I made Gannon promise two things when he left. First, that he'd take at least one photo a week for me, and second, that he'd answer the questions I sent him. There are eight of them. You can see the questions by clicking here (the answers are most of the body of this email). So glad to see he's started out on the right foot. I'm hoping this continues.

Area: Provo MTC
Companion: Elder Ault
Monday, March 2, 2015


Me and Elder Tidwell are in the same district and are rooming together and sleep right next to each other. He's been my favorite this week. He's been such a blessing with lightening the mood and relaxing the stress. 

My comp is Elder Ault from American Fork, Utah. He's a good guy. Really good testimony. 

So far we've taught two lessons in Spanish and that was the biggest challenge. No real concerns though. 

My district is suuuper tight and we get along almost perfectly. 

I ran into Sister Coughanour actually! I'll try to put a picture in of it. I have a bunch of all of us. 

I'm looking forward to the two different lessons we have tomorrow. It'll be real challenging. 

D&C 123:17 I think is what my favorite if i got the reference right. It's about doing all you can cheerfully and letting the lord do the rest. 

It's interesting having such a strict schedule but is really good. I have 2 four hour classes each day besides Sunday usually. 

Yeah I played basketball just an hour ago today. I dont even know when I eat….I dont really pay attention to that I just go whenever.

Get the kids to write! How are they all? I loved the picture of L in the shades. 

I hope you get my letter. Can you send some stamps and a towel? Drying myself off with a sweater sucks...and stamps are expensive. If not a towel, send just the stamps. I can dry with those.

Love you guys,
Elder Hess

Elder Hess and Elder Ault

"Oregon tree"

Must mean Elder Hess also has a top bunk--just like when he was a kid. 

Elder Tidwell doing what he excels at…."Lightening the mood"

My favorite--Elder Tidwell's buff!

With Elder Ault and Sister Coughanour (from home) with her comp.

I'm guessing this is the zone….Gotta work on Elder Hess's captioning skills. 

Elder Hess and Elder Tidwell

No, boys….NO DUCK LIPS!

'Nuf said

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