Sunday, March 8, 2015

Travel Buddies

Tomorrow is P-day #2. I'm so looking forward to hearing from our boy!

We received two hand-written letters this week, and he has asked for stamps, so that must mean that more are on their way. Yeehaw!

I sent him a package and a photo book this week.

After I sent the package, which had regular liberty bell stamps in it, I ran across Batman stamps, so those will be heading his way soon….

He's gonna love 'em!

Before tomorrow's email arrives, I wanted to share a little something more about his experience so far from my perspective.

Gannon flew out early on the morning of February 25th. As I've explained before, there were at least three missionaries flying out on that same plane--all from the Pacific Northwest. All were reporting on that same day, along with hundreds of other missionaries from all over the world. I know of at least one who lives within the boundaries of the Philippines Olongapo Mission (where our daughter served her mission); he will be serving in California.

Anyway, we obviously knew that Gannon and his friend, Tristin, were flying out on that same day. They would be sitting across the aisle from each other on the plane.

When Gannon first got his call, I joined the Texas McAllen Mission page on Facebook. I immediately became acquainted with Sister Browning's mom. Sister Browning, who will be serving in Virginia, is from Vancouver, Washington, but her brother is serving in the McAllen Mission.

Sister Browning's mom, as we were discussing our kids' travel plans, asked me if we'd made arrangements for the shuttle to pick Gannon up and deliver him to the MTC once he'd arrived in Salt Lake.

I mentioned to her that our daughter would be picking Gannon and Tristin up. I asked her if they'd already made arrangements like that or if she'd like to have our daughter pick Sister Browning up too.

That was decided…..I'm sorry that I'm rehashing past details, but what happens later is so remarkable to me.

When missionaries arrive, they check into the MTC according to their last names….Sister Browning would check in first, then Elder Hess, and finally Elder Tidwell.

No one knew that these three even knew each other. With all the members of the Church in our area, it can be assumed, actually, that these three wouldn't know each other at all.

I don't know why I asked, but prior to that first P-day, last week, I contacted Tristin's mom and asked for his mailing address….It was the same as Gannon's….Strange! 

Well, maybe all missionaries going to Texas have the same address. That could be, right?

Then on P-day, sure enough, Gannon verified that he and Tristin were together. Wow! What a funny coincidence. Well….It gets better….

Pictures showed up, and I didn't even catch on until Sister Browning's mom shared a photo and some words in the McAllen group--remember, her son is serving there….

Not only is Tristin in his MTC district (a group of between 8 and 10 missionaries, out of hundreds), but there is SISTER BROWNING!

Sister Browning, Elder Hess, Elder Ault (in the back), Brother Cobb, and Elder Tidwell

All three kids that traveled together ended up together in the VERY same district and will be together for the entire six weeks.

How strange that we should coordinate travel plans!

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