Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Men Don't Cry (MTC Week #4)

Hey everybody!

Things are good! I haven't got a package in a while I think. I got one from B so thank her for me! and I got one from L too! Apparently she saw us walking from the temple yesterday but didn't say anything....Me and my comp are finally starting to hit our stride I think. Our TRC investigator, G, definitely has a strong testimony but he won't be baptized because he doesn't feel ready. That was the biggest challenge. But our last lesson with G was amazing. It was the first lesson we've had where we both taught equally. It was incredible. The spirit was super strong and my companion was crying and the investigator was too. I didn't but that's because I think the only time a man should cry is if he just got hit with a crowbar and can't have kids anymore. Anyways, favorite person is probably Elders W and S. They're a lot like me and Elder Tidwell and we get along super great. Goal for this week is to keep our success with G going and try to set a date. 

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