Wednesday, April 8, 2015

MTC Wrap Up From the Mother (MTC Week #6)

Elder Hess has arrived in Texas. We haven't heard anything yet and probably won't until his first P-day in the field. At this point, he probably has his first companion and is busy in his first area. I'm SO looking forward to hearing of the experiences of his first week.

Missionaries can call home from the airport on their way to their missions, so we anticipated a phone call around 4:00am. He called at 5:50.

It was great to hear his voice. He sounded strong and assured.

We woke each member of the family to speak to him. He said that the hardest thing was leaving his friends, especially Elder Tidwell. They gave each other priesthood blessings the night before he left. Elder Tidwell was due to leave for Houston on Wednesday.

There were no photos this week either due to the departure on P-day, but Elder Tidwell's mom was kind enough to share some with me....

I have two crazy coincidental tender mercy stories this week....

We hung up the phone so that Gannon Elder Hess could head to the plane. About ten minutes later, while checking Facebook, I found this message waiting for me: "Such a small world. Sitting on the plane with a pleasant missionary Elder Hess!" WOAH! What?!

It was a Facebook friend who helped with a project in which we helped missionaries serving in the Philippines receive Christmas presents this last year. How AMAZING! I replied, and he wrote this: "Yes he got on and I recognized him from his picture and the name tag. I asked is your mom Julie? He said hes how did you know !...I will take care of him when we get to Houston!

How TOTALLY wonderful! When they arrived in Houston, my friend snapped this photo. 

Thanks, Frank! You're the BEST!

The second story is still in the development phase, so I can't share a whole lot yet....I'm still waiting to see how things play out. It has to do with neckties and the Philippines, but Gannon's mission is very tied to it. Crazy how things work out.

If you don't believe in the hand of God, hang around for a bit.....You'll start to see it too. Life is GOOD!

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