Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day's Best Gift (Week #11)

It took us awhile to get things worked out in order to see and hear Elder Hess. When he first appeared, all we saw was his name tag. The vision expanded, and WOW! What a change….Actually, his companion was wearing his name tag--Good joke!

We talked about people, food, goals, everyday life, his area, etc.  Sounds like there's a future service project that just might include butchering some chickens….What an education for m'boy!

After last week's email, I began to wonder if he'd lost his humor. This week was a huge reassurance that he has definitely not.

In short, he's happy.

I had to snap a picture while he wasn't looking straight at us so he wouldn't make a serious face--that hasn't changed.

It was SO great to see his face and hear his voice!

We got to hear him speak a bit in Spanish. He and his dad talked back and forth a bit. THAT was super fun!

So, now we wait seven and a half months until we get to do this again….Christmas. CAN'T WAIT!

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