Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cut Off and Kicked Out (Week #10)

"This is where we taught the guy that died."

This week has been interesting....

What has been your biggest challenge this week? 
We taught this guy 2 weeks ago. A less active dude. His 40 year old son has a tumor and is basically like a child now and was going to have surgery this last weekend. So we gave the son a blessing and had a discussion with the dad about going to church and doing all the things he needs to. He basically had no faith at all.. So I was in the middle of a sentence about the Book of Mormon and he cut me off and basically kicked us out. This last week his son had surgery and the day after the guy we taught got bit by 500 bees and died.....So now it's his wife at home taking care of their son who has a tumor that will most likely kill him and is all alone now. I feel super guilty about it. Like I should have said more. so we've been going there.

What has been your biggest concern? 
Still finding people. We haven't really found anyone super exciting yet and only have like 3 investigators that are progressing.

What has been your biggest success?
We found S! he's this super old blind guy in a nursing home that wants to be baptized. We taught him about the resurrection and he started tearing up. Really excited for him but he has a tough time coming to church. 

Who has been your favorite person this week? Why? 
A. T. She's this old lady in a wheelchair that always wants us over and we've been teaching her granddaughter, Y. Y is a less active member who fell away from the church after her husband abused her. A. T. had the dude deported (so cool). So we've been teaching her and she came to church and to the movie night where we watched Meet the Mormons and now she's going to share the movie with her friends.

What has been your most significant tender mercy?
Meeting S. We'd been rejected by 20 people before that...

What are you looking forward to this coming week? 
A and N getting the holy ghost and their kids getting blessed. It's gonna be awesome. They were sick this Sunday so they couldn't get it...

Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it. 
Just finding more people and asking better questions during lessons.

Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week?
 The stories of Jesus' miracles. We have the same power that he did when he did those and the same miracles can happen.

Hope you guys are doing great! Love you!!
Elder Hess

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