Sunday, December 4, 2016

A Fiery Pit of Misery and Torture (Week #76)

Singing was good. It sounded a lot better than when we practiced it. It was us, Elder V, Elder J and the E family. We
sang "God Be with You Til We Meet Again." Never thought I'd be singing that song at so many funerals....

The weather here...You know how they tell you that hell is a fiery pit of misery and torture? It's a little like that...haha it actually rained yesterday!! First time in like 3 months! It was awesome!

Church attendance was pretty good for here. The people in Sinton should go to the Sinton group and the people in Taft go to Portland. But if they have kids, they go to portland because they have a Primary and Young Mens and
stuff there. It's doable..

We saw M and shared a scripture with his family. He's a super good guy.

Brother J lives in Taft. His wife is getting chemo treatments all the time so he can't help us as much as he wants to, but they buy us groceries a lot which is awesome.

S pretty much told us he wants us to spread what he's teaching was a little weird. He doesn't believe a lot about the Sabbath and church's and stuff and he told us we have more influence on people than he does so he talks to us to spread his ideas. yeah....Everyone else has kinda dissapeared...really weird..

The H's are doing good. Yeah they help us out in Sinton. The people in Portland come over here to help us out actually. It's pretty cool.

President Torres doesn't really tell us what to change. He basically told us if you've never failed, then you've never tried anything new. So if things aren't working then you have to change something and left it to us to do it. We're trying to teach really spiritual lessons with people using scriptures from all the books. It's working really well so far.

We do a lot of street contacting and referral work. we haven't had a lot of opportunities to be creative yet.

What are the main things that happened on the following days?:
• Monday - 
We went all over the place trying to find people and no one was home for 3 straight hours...
• Tuesday - We went up to have a district meeting with Beeville. We also got to talk to Brother R. He's a less active but only because he's a corrections officer in the prison. He said he'd do his best to get work off on Sundays.
• Wednesday - Went and saw S. He showed us some weird pastor talk he had on his computer. The guy said some good stuff, but it wasn't amazing or anything...IDK the true church seems a little better to me than some guy yelling crap.. maybe that's just me..
• Thursday - We had interviews with President Torres. He's an awesome guy. Just talked about the zone and what we've been changing. Then we met with M's family. We talked about seeds and growing them and how they can grow their seed.
• Friday - Elder C (one of the AP's) came and worked with us until yesterday. We found a super cool family in Taft with a mom and dad and 2 little kids that are reaaally interested in the church. They said they've been looking for God for a long time. So we're bringing them to him.
• Saturday - Found another really cool lady who had a Book of Mormon and had some questions. She likes the idea of Christ's church being on the earth and stuff. It's really cool to be able to answer questions with scriptures.
• Sunday - IT RAINED!!! Nobody answered the door BUT IT RAINED!!!

What has been your biggest challenge this week?
Still working hard through the sun. It's been reaally hot. It's weird, whenever it's hot people don't answer the door, and then when it's rainy they don't answer either...

What has been your biggest concern?
Well, we dealt with the whole who-goes-to0Sinton thing. So that's pretty much been solved.

What has been your biggest success?
Finding people. It's always really exciting when you find people here who are interested. It's so small sometimes it feels like missionaries have talked to everyone. But there's always more people.

I'm out of time! I'll try to write some more later if I can! Love you guys!
Elder Hess

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