Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Texts from Your Mom After Curfew (Week #22)

I'm doing good! This week was a little frustrating just because people didn't show up to church. G's phone broke and M and J slept in and everyone else flaked too...But it's all good! We've had some really good lessons with people and are really trying hard to find less actives to come again. Speaking of which! That random number guy (J) showed up again! And he brought his girlfriend too! He has some good desires. 

What has been your biggest challenge this week? 
Just not having people at church. It really messes up their baptism plans and everything.

What has been your biggest concern? 
Finding new investigators again. We really have to find more. It's weird because you find for like 4 weeks or more into the future. So if you don't find for a week, you have a week in the future, maybe, that doesn't have anybody.

What has been your biggest success?
I finally got J's (kid i beat at basketball last week) earrings! And G is still our investigator! We had a lesson planned with the YSA Sisters to see if he wanted to go there and he cancelled that lesson and just said "We're having a family talk. I can't meet you guys today. I have bad news". THE WORST TEXT TO EVER RECEIVE IN YOUR LIFE!!!!! (besides texts from your mom after curfew....) But the news was that he was moving (still in our area) and that he really didn't want to go to YSA. So yeah!! He's still ours and doing good!

Who has been your favorite person this week? Why? 
Brother M 

What has been your most significant tender mercy?
I think I finally realized what I want to do with my life...I was sitting in Sacrament meeting and a thought just hit me! So I think I'm going to try to be a marriage counselor. No idea how but like that idea had to come from somewhere. I've really been praying for ideas and stuff so yeah.

What are you looking forward to this coming week? 
I'm interested to see more changes come about. Like all of our progressing investigators have had huge changes in their lives. Especially M and J. J's mom is a recent convert and when she was taking the lessons, M and J hid in their room. And Sister S (the mom) works 2 jobs just to support her kids. And M had been searching forever for a job. But now, after a month of the 2 taking lessons, they both have jobs. So now they'll have 4 paychecks coming in. The gospel blesses lives!

Do you have a goal set for this coming week? Tell me about it. 
Finding more people!!

Which scripture has had the biggest impact on you this week?
The story of the brother of Jared. The amount of prayer and obedience he had.

Hope you guys have a great week! Love you!
Elder Hess

Last week, Gannon mentioned how he plays basketball with various people. Because he's a white kid, people think he won't win. For one game, he made the deal that if he won, the kid would have to give up his earrings so that he could pass the sacrament. Well.....

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