Thursday, February 26, 2015

The More the Merrier!

Nothing with Gannon just happens. There are funny and strange turns of events that make everything memorable. Before we receive his first email, and I begin to share those here, I want to take the time to record some of these funny things that have happened….

Gannon and Tristin (or I guess I should say Elder Hess and Elder Tidwell), didn't travel alone yesterday. It just so happens that there is an Elder who has been serving in the Texas McAllen Mission for the past year who is from Vancouver, Washington, just on the other side of the Columbia River from where we are in Portland. I became acquainted with his mother through the McAllen Mission Facebook page.

This Elder has a younger sister. Right around the time these two young men, Elder Hess and Elder Tidwell, got their calls, she got hers as well. She is heading to the Virginia Richmond Mission. Speaking?….You guessed it…Spanish! Her date of departure?….February 25th!

I'm not sure how all of the connections happened once the boys were on the plane, but they somehow met up with her.

The flight arrived right before 9:00am Mountain Time. Our oldest daughter and a friend picked them up and ran around with them--took them to breakfast, etc.--until it was time for them to report to the Missionary Training Center, which was to take place right around noon.

It was nice to grab all three of these young people from the Northwest and get them all there together….Does anyone else think it's funny how connections work?…That this young woman's brother is serving in McAllen, of all places!...Kind of blows my mind.

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